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Exclusive: The Xcerts Unveil New EP

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 18 January 2011 at 15.39

The Xcerts release a new EP that drops mid Rock Sound Exposure Tour!

It seems you just can’t have too much of a good thing in the world of The Xcerts these days. After the release of ‘Scatterbrain’ last year and the announcement that the band would be gearing up to start their assault on the UK as part of our Rock Sound Exposure Tour, the three-piece then inform Rock Sound that they’ve been quietly working away on a new EP.

The band are all set to release their EP titled ‘Stairs To Noise: The Scatterbrain EP’ on March 07, the tracklisting for which is below:

Tracklisting for ‘Stairs To Noise: The Scatterbrain EP’:
1: ‘Scatterbrain’
2: ‘Tear Me Down’
3: ‘Say Yes’ (Elliott Smith cover)
4: ‘Let’s Run’
5: ‘Slackerpop’ (alternative version)

Rock Sound decided to catch up with frontman Murray Macleod to get a few more details:

What’s behind the title?
“On the EP we have three tracks from the sessions we did in New York in Mike Sapone (Brand New, Crime In Stereo)’s studio. The studio was down in the basement and he has stairs from his kitchen down to his basement, so yeah, we thought let’s be literal and ‘Stairs to Noise’ was pretty cool. ‘Scatterbrain’ is the lead song, because it’s the single. We just wanted to do an EP just for people to have these songs and to make it a bit more worthy of their money rather than just releasing a single on iTunes that no-one will buy.”

Have you noticed since the release of ‘Scatterbrain’ a growing interest in the band?
“Yeah, definitely. I don’t know if we really thought about it at first. I really didn’t think there’d be a huge demand for it, but a while back I recorded some cover songs and posted them online. And a lot of people asked if I’d cover Elliott Smith, so we’ve done it. After that was announced there seemed to be a huge response from people. I think there’s now a lot more new people into our band. There are also two unheard tracks that might slip on it as well. We’re kind of treating ‘Scatterbrain’ and ‘Tear Me Down’ as like a double A-side when we put it to radio. ‘Tear Me Down’ was really close to going on the album but its quite slow so it just missed out because we thought it might bring down the tempo of the record.”

Was it hard to get the right mix of fast and slow?
“Yeah I think had we put one more slow song on there it would have been just a little too much. We actually put it in and we all listened to it all the way through with ‘Tear Me Down’ in and it just felt that one song made it too long. You never want that with a record. I always get really annoyed when there are too many tracks on a record. I always think you could have cut that, so I think this is a nice way to release it so that it will stand out in its own right. I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Have you got the artwork designed yet?
“Yeah, we’re kind of keeping in theme with what we did for the record and were using another one of Jordan’s photographs. He took a really nice photo from a venue and I guess it’s a bit literal because it’s a set of stairs. But we’re big fans of Death Cab For Cutie and they had a record called ‘Narrow Stairs’ and what was it, was it the ‘The Open Door EP’ or something? It had an open door on it. So we thought, well if they can be literal we can be literal.”

The EP will be released in the first week of March when you’re on the Rock Sound Exposure Tour, will you have an EP launch when you get back?
“I don’t think so. I think we're almost going to treat it like were promoting a single or something and maybe not have an EP launch. Maybe we should? I guess we could maybe have one on the tour. That’s like celebrating a fake Christmas though.”

Yeah, sorry Dinosaur Pile-Up and Japanese Voyeurs, we’ve changed the rotation. We’re headlining, in fact, you just take the day off!
“Yeah exactly, its our night! I guess if it was all brand new songs we would do that but because there are only a couple of songs it's not as big a deal. There again, we could really make a big deal out of it and people would go, ‘oh it is a big deal!’ I’m chuffed with it though, especially one track which has string arrangements.”

To read more from the three pick up the latest issue of Rock Sound. Catch The Xcerts, Japanese Voyeurs and Dinosaur Pile-Up at the following dates on the Rock Sound Exposure Tour:

17 - BEDFORD Esquires
18 - BOURNEMOUTH Champions
19 - BRIGHTON Audio
20 - TUNBRIDGE Forum
22 - CAMBRIDGE Haymakers
23 - BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy 3
24 - LONDON Relentless Garage
27 - GLASGOW King Tuts
28 - NEWCASTLE O2 Academy 2
02 - LEEDS Cockpit 2
03 - MANCHESTER Roadhouse
04 - YORK Duchess
05 - SOUTHAMPTON Joiners

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