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THIS Is Why The New Waterparks Album Was Made In Secret

Will Cross
Will Cross 7 October 2017 at 12.03

Waterparks' Awsten Knight returned to the Rock Sound Podcast to drop major exclusives on Parx 2...

The new Waterparks album is coming and Awsten Knight has told us EVERYTHING.

Here's a snippet on why the album was recorded in secret and how easy the process was...

"I stopped looking at replies and stuff on Twitter and mentions and comments and stuff. I feel like if people knew that an album was happening I'd see the expectations and I'd much rather just sit quietly in my room and make the songs.

"Actually speaking of that, this was the first time the entire thing wasn't written in my room. I got an Airbnb in California for a month - it was actually right after the All Time Low UK tour - whenever it looks like we've got a month off, we don't! As soon as I got back I think I had a day or two and then went out there and wrote and demoed maybe eight more songs.

"I just wanted to see what would happen because every release it's been written at my desk in Houston. Sometimes when people want to hit different sounds or whatever, they involve a whole lot of people and do all this but, again, there's no co-writes on this album - it's just the band.

"A lot of people when they're talking about their albums, they're like, 'It almost tore the band apart!' - this was the easiest thing ever.

"It was just natural - made the songs, went in with the people I trust, did it, the end."


Listen to the full interview with Awsten below and subscribe here. If you're a Waterparks fan, you have to hear this!

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