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Everything You Need To Know About John Floreani’s Debut Album, Plus Hear His New Single ‘Echoes’

Naomi Sanders
Naomi Sanders 9 April 2019 at 12.18

This new album will follow from his 2014 EP, 'Terrance'

John Floreani constantly has tricks up his sleeve, and now the Trophy Eyes frontman has released a new track, and dropped the details about his upcoming album. Here's everything you need to know:

01. It's titled 'sin'.

02. The album will be released June 07 through Hopeless Records

03. The album artwork looks something like this:

04. The track listing will be the following:
1. 'Oh Brother'
2. 'Don’t Wait Up'
3. 'Echoes'
4. 'Cocaine'
5. 'Ugly Love'
6. 'Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead'
7. 'Repent'
8. 'I Don’t Want To Be Here Either'

05. The first single is 'Echoes' and the music video is available below:

Speaking about the track, Floreani said "'Echoes' is about the memories, love and emotion one leaves behind in a home after moving on. My partner and I lived in North Sydney for a while, and when she moved back to Texas, I had to go and clear the house of our furniture and belongings. As I walked through the house, I could see her dancing in the kitchen, drinking wine on the couch and inviting me to bed from the hallway.”

"This project serves as an authentic, deep knee jerk reaction to the shallow lyrical themes of modern pop" Floreani added about the album as a whole.

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