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Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley On Warped Tour 2008: “I Did Notice That Things Were Different.”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 14 March 2019 at 17.34

Every Time I Die's Keith Buckley has reflected on Warped Tour 2008 as a formative time both for the band, and the scene at large.

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Speaking to Rock Sound about the era of 'The Big Dirty', frontman Keith Buckley shared about how important of a time Warped Tour 2008 was for the band, and the scene.

“I loved that year so much. We weren’t jaded enough to be like, ‘Oh, this boring routine of eating shitty catering and hanging out with the same people every day’, we were fucking loving it." Keith shared. "I did notice that things were different. Norma Jean were on it, but so were Paramore, playing the small stage. I swear to god, I would watch Paramore every day and be like, ‘This band are fucking incredible, and there’s no way they’re going to be playing small stages in future.’ You just knew that they had that star power from the beginning. It was cool to see.”

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