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Every Time I Die Start Writing

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 14 January 2009 at 16.35

Every Time I Die have started writing a new album. Click to read the latest missive from Keith Buckley.

Every Time I Die have started writing a new album and are set to start recording in California on April 1st. Frontman Keith Buckley posted the following update on the band's Myspace page:

''As of yesterday, January 12th, we have officially begun writing the new record. Well let me rephrase that. Jordan, Mike, Andy and Josh have begin writing and I have just attained a level 23 ranking on Call Of Duty World At War online. But that's not to say I have not been doing my part as I await to hear the demos of the songs as they begin filing in. I have, according to tradition, thrown myself into a tempestuous spiral of panic, doubt and self loathing in the face of an impending creative venture that will ultimately shift public opinion of me to one extreme or another independent of my own faculties to control it. And still we do it for the kids. The irony.''

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