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Ever Wondered If Your Favourite Band Is An Emo Band? There’s Now A Website That’ll Tell You.

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 10 December 2014 at 10.51

The internet, everybody. *claps*

The debate has raged for years. Generations. Decades, even. What exactly IS an emo band?

We still don't know the answer to be honest, but if you've ever wondered whether your favourite band is an emo band, there's now a website that'll tell you.

How does it work? Simple. Head to, type in the band name, and you'll have an answer in seconds.

For example. It knows that Taking Back Sunday are an emo band. Not that they seem to approve. 

It knows that Fall Out Boy aren't an emo band. And everybody knows that, because POP-PUNK.

How about... My Chemical Romance

Hmm.... Weezer

Oh that's clever, that is.

It's obviously not up to date on EVERY single band out there that exists. So if you type in a band the system is unfamiliar with, there's good news.

And with that, we're off to apply to join the Emo Council. Happy Wednesday, y'all.

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