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Evanescence Have Officially Announced Their New Album And Released A New Song

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 15 September 2017 at 12.00

Oh, and a new tour too.

Evanescence have officially announced their new album, 'Synthesis', and released a brand new song.

The album is out November 10. It features reinterpreted versions of some of their biggest songs, with new orchestral and electronic elements.

It also includes two new songs, 'Imperfection' and 'Hi-Lo'. You can hear the former right now:

"For me, this is the most important song on the album," explained Amy Lee.

"I struggled with the lyrics for a long time because there was a lifetime of work to live up to and I wasn’t sure what to say or how to be good enough."

"When it finally started pouring out of me, it was undeniable. I had no choice. It's for all the people we’ve lost, all the people who we could lose, to suicide and depression."

"I'm singing from the perspective of the person left behind, the person in the waiting room. It’s a plea to fight for your life, to stay. Don't give into the fear - I have to tell myself that every day."

"Nobody is perfect.  We are all imperfect, and it’s precisely those imperfections that make us who we are, and we have to embrace them because there’s so much beauty in those differences. Life is worth fighting for. You are worth fighting for.”

As for the album as a whole?

"This album is a total passion project for me. There are so many layers in our music, underneath the huge drums and guitars."

"I’ve always wanted to shine a light on some of the gorgeous David Campbell arrangements and programming elements in our songs, and that idea snowballed into completely re-doing them with full orchestra, not just strings, elaborate programming and experimentation."

They've announced a new UK tour for 2018, too - featuring a full orchestra. Those dates are:


30 - LONDON Royal Festival Hall
31 - LONDON Royal Festival Hall


02 - MANCHESTER Apollo
05 - GLASGOW Armadillo
06 - SHEFFIELD City Hall

People who pre-order the album will get access to a presale. Tickets will be on general sale from September 22.

"This will be our first time touring with orchestra and I’m so excited to perform this way-really focus on the vocals, and the emotion and the story we’ve built over the years," Amy said.

"I’m also really excited about the new material on the album. Besides the two new songs, there are some really beautiful instrumental in-between moments. The whole thing flows like a big, dynamic soundtrack."

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