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Evanescence Have Announced Their First Album In Six Years

Will Cross
Will Cross 11 May 2017 at 14.51

Exciting stuff.

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee has taken to Facebook to announce the band's first project in six years, 'Synthesis'.

The project will feature full renditions of Evanescene material but with "distorted guitars and rock drums" taken out and set to "full orchestration" instead, with the project instead all about "a synthetic world of beats and sounds".

It will also feature two brand new compositions alongside the classics.

See below from Amy:

"Synthesis. We're calling it that to represent the combination, the contrast and the synergy between the organic and the synthetic and also the past and the present.

"We've gone through our entire catalogue of music and picked out the songs that were made to be heard in this way and we're sewing them together from the ground up, this isn't a remix

Stay tuned for more on when the project's due to be released and, as promised by Amy, dates for a 'Synthesis' tour.

You can watch the full video for yourself below.

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