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Eskimo Callboy Have Announced The Details Of A European Tour For Early 2022

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 15 December 2020 at 12.59

Hypa Hypa is coming to town. 

Eskimo Callboy have rescheduled a load of tour dates they had planned on playing next month and moved things to much bigger and more extensive tour for early 2022. 

The band had this say about the announcement:

“Today we come round the corner with a message that a lot of you might already have expected, but which still pierces us to our maltreated artist hearts. With the covid-19 pandemic still going strong, we are forced to postpone our upcoming tour in January 2021. After all these months of not being able to see you all, this tour was our ray of hope. With your help we could almost sell out the entire tour and even some extra dates. It‘s your wonderful support and feedback that makes us still stay positive! So we are happy to tell you that we’re gonna come back with a new album and the biggest release tour that we‘ve ever played. With bigger venues, more dates and a stage production that will take your breath away. And the best thing is, your tickets will stay valid for this new tour. We will provide you with more information on that topic soon. So we sincerely hope to see you on our new tour and wish you and your loved ones all the best. Take good care of each other and stay healthy. 

Much love, 

The dates look a little bit like this:


07 - MUNICH Zenith
09 - MILAN Legend Club
11 - VIENNA Arena
12 - BUDAPEST Barba Negra
15 - COLOGNE Palladium
16 - ANTWERP Trix
18 - AMSTERDAM Melkweg
19 - LONDON Garage
20 - PARIS Boule Noire
21 -  OFFENBACH Stadthalle
22 - LEIPZIG haus Auensee
24 - KRAKOW Quadrat
25 - PRAGUE MeetFactory
26 - BERLIN Columbiahalle
27 - HAMBURG Arena
29 - DRESDEN Schlachthof
30 - ROSTOCK Maya


01 - KIEL Max
02 - HANOVER Swiss Life Hall
04 - LINDAU Club Vaudeville

And here's 'Hypa Hypa' to get you very much in the mood:

We chatted to vocalist Kevin Ratajczak earlier in the year. You can read the full interview right HERE, but here's a little snippet all about the track:

We need to talk about ‘Hypa Hypa’. What has it been like watching this song and this video blow up over the summer? It feels like a lot of people have discovered you for the first time...
"Every new listener to Eskimo Callboy means a lot to us. I don’t care how people get to know us, whether it’s because of our party side or because or because of a song like ‘Prism’. What counts is that they have heard of us, checked us out and decided if they like us or not. There have always been those two sides to Eskimo Callboy; the party and the more serious. I love both of them. I don’t want to be limited as an artist."

Did you expect the song to blow up like it did?
"I remember that me and Nico were writing some lyrics in our other studio room and I heard our guitarists Pasquel [Schillo] and Daniel [Klossek] putting together some riffs and electronics and was like, ‘Damn, that’s great stuff’. I was like a snake being charmed by a flute, drawn in to the room by the music. I felt so inspired by the song that we kicked the other work we were doing to the side and continued to work on that. I knew that it was good and I knew that it was something that you would expect from Eskimo Callboy. It was also perfect for Nico to be introduced because it’s funny but it’s also still hard. It’s the perfect combination."

And then the Internet took it and now here we are...
“The thing is that you can never control what is going to happen on the Internet. No matter how much work you put in or how much effort you put in, both of those things are very different to each other, there’s no way to control any of it. You just have to be professional either way.”

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