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Escape The Fate Have Released A Defiant New Song ‘Unbreakable’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 5 March 2021 at 11.01

'Chemical Warfare' is just around the corner.

Escape The Fate have dropped a new track from their upcoming album 'Chemical Warfare'. 

The track continues the trend of the band penning defiant anthems and exists on the poppier side of their repertoire whilst also sticking to the Escape The Fate attitude that has carried them throughout the years. 

The band had this to say about the track's themes:

“Unbreakable is about finding power in your life rather than just trying to fight your way through circumstances. There’s a theme of triumph and being victorious over the things that used to control you in this upcoming album.”

Plus, the lyric video features the band tearing some demons apart. What's better than that?

Check it out below:

'Chemical Warfare' is set for release on April 16. 

We chatted to vocalist Craig Mabbitt all about the record recently. You can check out the full feature HERE but here's a little snippet:

So within making all of these songs, when did it become ‘Chemical Warfare’?
“So when we got to the end of the process, we knew we then had to sift through what would actually make it to the record. The ones that do end up making it are always the ones that are still stuck in your head. The actual song ‘Chemical Warfare’ actually came towards the end of the process and it’s a song that always resonated with me due to it being so strongly about my addiction and my struggles. This album was the first album in my career that I didn’t finish tracking vocals and then hop on my phone to try and find the closest bar. I was staying at the studio and focusing on the music. That’s where ‘Chemical Warfare’ came from and what it means to me lyrically. We decided from there that was what we should name the album as well. From there everything else just came together naturally. Everybody was on the same page.”

To have a song such as that to represent so much for you, and for it to then represent the whole album, is really powerful…
“It definitely felt different within the process. It spoke to me and it felt positive and I was excited about it. Though after we finished the album and then went on tour, that’s when COVID happened. I must say that I fell off the wagon, so to speak, on the tour and when I got home. Though I made sure that I focused on it and the songs that we had put together on the album really helped me to find myself again. When the album drops, I’ll be a little over a year sober. In that way, it represents a beautiful chapter of my life and a beautiful chapter within the band’s career.”

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