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ERRA Have Released A Brilliantly Exploratory New Track ‘Nigh To Silence’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 21 January 2022 at 11.53

Set to appear on the upcoming deluxe version of their stunning self-titled album.

Is there much more exciting than brand new ERRA? No, there isn't.

The band have shared a fresh track called 'Nigh To Silence', an exploratory and utterly bludgeoning piece of modern metal mastery. Further expanding on the sounds and styles of last year's Self-Titled record, which it is a part of the upcoming deluxe version of, it's another spine-tingling display from some of the best to do it. 

Guitarist Jesse Cash had this to say about its origins and meanings:

"During the end of 2020 and the start of 2021, we tried to take advantage of not being able to tour and having extra time at home. So while we were rolling out singles and announcing our self-titled record, we were also in the studio recording some new songs for a deluxe edition of the record. This was our favourite of the bunch.
"The song is set on an empty earth observed by the moon. I intended to express as much loneliness as I could. Then, I thought of 'walking in the shadow of my own ghost,' which felt like the loneliest visual I could muster. I wrote the first line about how the process of writing music feels and my deep internal fear of being forgotten or irrelevant: 'Floating song, I caught in a dream and passed it on. Frail and fragile is the ghost that I will carry and time will swallow.'"

Here it is:

The deluxe version of 'ERRA' will be dropping on March 18 via UNFD. 

It will feature two more brand new tracks and covers of  'Stockholm Syndrome' by Muse, 'Light My Way' by Audioslave, 'Heresy' by Nine Inch Nails.

Oh, and this new version of 'Vanish Canvas' featuring Spiritbox's Courtney LaPlante:


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