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Emerson Barrett Is Working On A Comic Book, Featuring Palaye Royale

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 7 December 2018 at 10.31

More art from Emerson Barrett is incoming!

Palaye Royale are currently down under, playing Good Things Festival in Australia. The only reason we raise that, is that the festival had a tattoo artist backstage, offering bands on the line-up some sick tatts. 

The lads in Palaye Royale took the opportunity to get some fresh ink, and in doing so Emerson Barrett let slip that he's been working on a comic book. 

Sharing a photo of his new tattoo on his ankle which says 'Leiseil Inc', Emerson tweeted "Leiseil Inc is the company that controls the island in the upcoming comic book".

When a fan asked if he was working on a comic book in reply to his original tweet, Emerson gave us a little more info- sharing "it’s a Victorian comic book that takes place on the island of Obsidian with the three of us as the main characters. I’m excited to share with the world the intensely in depth story we have created." 

As yet there's no word on when the comic will see the light of day, but we're confident that it'll be as amazing as the rest of Emerson's art.

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