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Election 2010 Opinions: Steel Panther

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 April 2010 at 18.57

Politics is a serious business and so Rock Sound gets Steel Panther in on the Election debate!

As the General Election continues to dominate the news Rock Sound has been asking musicians for their views on the issues, the parties and the policies that matter to them in the 2010 campaign.

Politics is a serious business and so Rock Sound decided to start with some sophisticated, articulate and heavyweight debate on the complex issues that affect us all.

Who did we choose for this in-depth discussion? Satchel, guitarist and vocalist for post-rock politicos (ahem) Steel Panther...

Will you be voting in this year's General Election?
"Normally I don't vote because it takes too much time away from my partying to go do, and it's boring. But I am going to try to vote from now on cuz sometimes I meet smart chicks and they get turned on by that kind of shit."

What political issues matter to you and why? Which issues do you think will define this campaign?
"Over here in the States, the main issue for me is probably the legalization of all drugs. That is an issue that affects me on a day to day level. Especially when I get caught with drugs by the police."

Finally, which party will you be voting for and why?
"I plan on voting for whichever party is going to give me the most free shit. All those people who have businesses make way too much money. It's not fair that a guy like me who likes to party all day and fuck girls should have to go without."

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