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Election 2010 Opinions: Brides

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 28 April 2010 at 18.09

Tristan Macfie, guitarist and vocalist for Brides, gets political!

Our election coverage to date has been somewhat eclectic, Steel Panther have articulated a sophisticated view on drug laws, The Rotted have vented their anger at cider tax while eaststrikewest have voiced their anti-BNP sentiments.

Today Tristan Macfie, guitarist and vocalist for Brides, has the floor and tells us why he will be voting UKIP.

Will you be voting in this year's General Election?
"Yes I will and I'll be voting for the UKIP party. They won't get in but I sure hope we don't keep Brown or put Cameron in. The truth is clear, everything needs to change. All privatization needs to be moved out and placed back into State hands, the present system only benefits the tycoons who own these companies purely for the sake of profit, they lack any kind of humanity.

Jobs, opportunities and guidance need to reappear so the young don't feel the need to be so apathetic. We need to legalize and tax drugs to deal with the imposed criminal mindset of possessing them, reaccess the view of these substances and the unfair placement of people in prisons for committing 'crimes' of owning them or being addicted to them."

What political issues matter to you and why? Which issues do you think will define this campaign?
"Most of the issues concern me. One is this war of blood and oil in Iraq and Afghanistan that needs to end, we need to invest in our own country and economy rather than wasting our time helping those whose democracy and laws need to change as much as our own. Behind the veil you'll always find the true reason for any war, and sadly, it's never to be just. Agenda and profit fall into the same catergory for politicans as they navigate their own devious schemes from the safety of their taxpayer-paid homes."

Finally, which party will you be voting for and why?
"The UKIP party, I know they won't get in but I'd prefer to vote for a party that represented my own views rather than feeling the sad urge to vote for a party with a better chance. I think I'd rather see the Lib Dem's get elected, just to break the cycle of Labour and Conservaties, they represent an outdated model of society both in practice and in mindset."

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