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Drag Me Out Have Announced Their New Album ‘Demons Away’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 21 January 2022 at 14.03

They're back!

Drag Me Out
are back with brand new music, and they are making a big old statement of intent. 

The band have revealed that they will be releasing a new album called 'Demons Away'. It will be released on May 06 via their own label imprint Lödereih Music.

Denis Stoff had this to say about it:

“It is soaked in the paranormal vibes. Your spiritual journey begins here and now. Our main purpose is to shed the light on the things that really make you feel bad, anxious, weak or wrong. It is our call for you to face the pain and explore it at its energetic core as the truth lies deeper than it might seem. My demons truly showed me that they are in fact were always standing somewhere in between of my perception of life and the ultimate truth about our world.” 

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Crystal Arms
02. With A Thunder We Rise
03. Blind & Blurred
04. Bullets In My Teeth
05. Cuz It‘s Meant To Be
06. I Swear I‘m Not OK
07. Hymn For The Wicked
08. Let Me In
09. My Mistakes
10. No Feelings
11. The Watch Of The Buried
12. Save My Life

And the first taste of it is also here. That's 'Bullets In My Teeth', a track that blends together the most crushing and cathartic parts of the band's sound to devastating effect. 

Denis had this to say about it:

"'B.I.M.T.' not only marks our return to the heavy metal fray after splitting with our long time label Sumerian Records, but it is also a very personal song for me… Relationships of any kind, whether they be with your partner, bandmates or with your fans- it is no easy task. It can make you or break you… when I wrote this song I was definitely breaking down. I hope it will help someone get back up like it did for me.”

Here it is:

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