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Download Festival Sunday: Live Photos, Reviews + More

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 14 June 2015 at 20.50

2315: Gav Lloyd reckoned Enter Shikari pulled it off, too.
"Ever since Rou Reynolds' health caused Enter Shikari to cancel their warm-up show in Bristol, there has been a giant question mark hanging over whether they would make it to Download today. Right up to the time they hit the stage there are those questioning whether it'll happen. Any concerns that Rou might be less than one hundred percent are quickly dismissed, but this band has always been about far more than just one man.

It's the multiple layers to Enter Shikari that have long made them so unique. There's a dazzling light show tonight, but it's all four members who make this work by easily carrying themselves on a huge stage, but doing so with a taste of the chaotic that means you never know what'll happen next. That sense of unpredictability also applies to their music itself. With a genre-bending sound and strongly political lyrics, there's nobody quite like them.

Even then, it's the heart behind these songs that really makes them special. 'Radiate' in particular sounds like the impassioned call to arms it's always meant to be tonight. Today was a day dominated by bands who have been knocking around for a long time - and in honesty Rou and Co. are no longer spring chickens themselves - but what separates Enter Shikari from most bands is the fact that is with every step forward they take they seem to be even more exciting and vital."

2255: Against all odds, Enter Shikari ruled Download Festival tonight. Full gallery is here.

2050: Motley Crue hit Download for one final time earlier this evening, and Ryan Bird got a little teary-eyed about it all.
"So this is it. 35 years, one final Mötley Crüe Donington performance. Sure, Vince Neil doesn't remember half of the words, but for over an hour tonight the Los Angeles quartet provide all and sundry with a farewell that they'll cherish. The words may not be but the hits are still present - 'Dr Feelgood', 'Girls, Girls, Girls', 'Kickstart My Heart - and with enough pyro to burn down a small town it's a stunning spectacle none the less. Farewell, sweet princes."

2015: If you aren't watching Yellowcard right now, you should be. Because music and backflips.



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2000: Remember how The Darkness played a secret set at this year's Download Festival? We got allllll of the photos.

1945: That man David McLaughlin reports in from The Ghost Inside...
"There's no energy drink in the world that comes close to The Ghost Inside for a shot of adrenaline when you most need it. And they're such charmers too, bigging up British culture during their 30 minutes of relentless hardcore rogering, noting The Inbetweeners' contribution with the word 'clunge' - deemed "a brilliant word", apparently. Chuckles aside this lot also bring the chunky tuneage and it's notable how the newer stuff off 'Dear Youth' seems to connect most directly with the masses. Or at least that's how it seems under a swarm of crowdsurfers, righteous raised fists and a deafening hail of hollering happiness."

1930: Yeah, Slash rolled back the years earlier on. Check out our gallery here.


1900: Mosh mosh mosh.

1815: Slash is on, then...

1620: Look who's back. Check out our photos of Danny Worsnop and We Are Harlot's return to the UK here.

1545: POP-PUNK.

1535: Cavalera Conspiracy got a little hairy (geddit?) on the main stage earlier. Full gallery is here.

1515: KISS are on their way, then...

1500: OF COURSE.

1450: Enter Shikari are definitely playing tonight after Rou was hospitalised this weekend. Here's word from the boys themselves...


Look, it's @entershikariofficial being pointy at #DL2015

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1440: Code Orange just straight-up moshed David McLaughlin to pieces. Sounds like it was a great one...
"It's a thoroughly unpleasant noise Code Orange conjure. The miserable, misanthropic not quite metal, not quite punk, all anger-fuelled thuggery is almost beautiful in its own way. It sends those of a sensitive nature hurtling for the exits pretty sharpish but the murkiness intrigues many more, even if their impact is slightly dulled by the cavernous Maverick stage setting."

1340: In case you were wondering what Rock Sound photographers get up to when they're not working, we have two examples.

Here's our man Ben Gibson having a hashtag lovely time during Every Time I Die yesterday...

And we bumped into Justine Trickett earlier. She's dressed like some band who are headlining tonight or something.


This is what happens when we give Rock Sound photographers the weekend off. Never again, @justinetrickett

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1300: Can we take a second to appreciate how abso-bloody-lutely menacing Motionless In White looked yesterday?

...then Motionless In White popped their heads in for a little while...

1230: Trash Boat are pretty damn excited to be here...


It's never too early for @trashboatuk #DL2015

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1215: Hi there! Download Festival 2015 has been gooood, but it comes to a close tonight.

What have you missed? Well, what haven't you missed? There's been...

The return of Slipknot...

...and before that, Babymetal (yeah, BABYMETAL) crashed Dragonforce's set.

On day two, we had allllll the big hitters. *inhales*

There was mosh from Parkway Drive...

...A Day To Remember smashing the main stage...

...before Black Veil Brides turned up the heat elsewhere.

There's LOADS more coming today, too! Just look at that line-up.

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