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Rock Sound
Rock Sound 13 June 2015 at 20.05

Sounds like Black Veil Brides were pretty spectacular on the second stage...
"Following their huge success, it's easy to forget that Black Veil Brides were once the underdogs. They may be sub-headlining the second stage today, but on previous outings to Donington their reception involved many bottles of wee being thrown their way. Those detractors may look very silly today as BVB hold a captivated crowd while surrounded by flames shooting up all around them, but the important thing to remember is this band have never forgotten where they've come from. The likes of 'Wretched And Divine' and 'In The End' remain anthems for the outsider. They may have always carried a message of triumph in in the face of diversity in their music, tonight they back it up."

2030: A Day To Remember? Hell yeah it was. Gav Lloyd reckons so, anyway.
"The Ocala five-piece are on fire today. It takes a certain amount of balls to open with a song as huge as 'The Downfall Of Us All', however things only get better from here. It's a set on non-stop bangers, while the band themselves seem to be having the time of their lives. Looking around the crowd it's hard to find anyone who isn't jumping along and singing as loud as possible. As their set draws to a close, the chants of "ten more songs" say it all. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the weekend. It would be no surprise to see ADTR headlining next time they're here, and it would no doubt be just as brilliant as today."

1845: Motionless In White were decent tonight. More than decent, actually. Gav Lloyd has the scoop...
"There's not enough bands like Motionless In White. In a world full of bands that look like they could be your next door neighbours, there's something incredibly exciting about watching the rock band equivalent of a horror film. With a bassist dressed as Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a backdrop that features their name splattered in blood, there's a sense of macabre from the start. Make no mistake though, this isn't a case of style over substance, Chris Motionless not only looks the part, but behind the make-up there is a powerful ringleader. As he stands centre stage fist aloft roaring out the likes of 'Generation Lost' he makes you want to be one of the baddies as well."

1825: Working hard or hardly working, right?

1800: Meanwhile, at A Day To Remember...

1620: Parkway Drive? PARKWAY DRIVE. Ryan Bird had a great time in the mud a little earlier on.
"The rain continues to pour, but a Parkway Drive set is enough to make you smile no matter what the conditions. If anything it's arguably better when the mud reaches knee height, people visibly grinning from ear to ear while plastered in the stuff, while it gives each and every circle pit - of which there are more than a few - a new, dangerously slippy complexion. Rain, you're rubbish. Parkway Drive, you're brilliant."

1600: Hollywood Undead were... interesting on the main stage a little earlier on. An unimpressed Gav Lloyd reports in. "Today could be a chance for them to silence the haters and provide a fun-packed forty-minute festival slot, unfortunately that doesn't happen. This is one of the weekend's biggest disappointments. A dull stage show, some questionable in-between song banter, but above all, a set that is half mimed make this a particularly dire performance."

Check out our gallery of HU's Download set right here.

1525: You just need to commit sometimes, you know?

1400: Mallory Knox went all-out on the main stage a little earlier on. Here's what David McLaughlin made of it all.
"It's not often you'll find CO2 canons going off for a band third on the bill at Download, but that's exactly what heralds the arrival of Mallory Knox to the main stage. Credit where it's due, they know that Donington isn't strictly their natural terrain, but that doesn't deter them from proving their place is fully deserved today. Though the set never quite matches the impact of those gaseous blasts early on, expertly crafted tracks like 'Getaway' show off Mikey Chapman's impressive vocals and you can't help but respect their efforts."

1340: Oh hiiiiii Funeral For A Friend. Full gallery is here.

1330: Hashtag blegh.

1220: Today is going to be good.

1130: Slipknot headlined last night. It was pretty amazing... okay, it was very amazing. Check out our gallery here.

Heading to Download this weekend? Check out stage times here and the weather right here *shudders*

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