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Download Festival Friday: Live Photos, Reviews + More

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 June 2015 at 23.13

2300: Yes. Yes. Yes. There's a full review on the way tomorrow, but until then check out our gallery of Slipknot coming home to Donington.

2215: Yup.





2100: Fightstar's first Download appearance in five years? No problem, says Gav Lloyd.
"Fightstar sound huge today, and leaning on the heavier side of their material is a great decision. These songs have some serious crunch, 'Tannhauser Gate' in particular sounds devastating. Also Charlie Simpson's enigmatic vocals carry a sense of the bittersweet to them, quite apt for a crowd that have just had their hearts broken by the incoming rain showers, but have decided to carry on and have a lovely time regardless. Fightstar have this reunion thing nailed."

2000: Soooo Babymetal showed up during Dragonforce's set. Ryan Bird was there to see it all go down.
"It's clear that today the sound gods are not on Dragonforce's side. Completely demolished throughout, only vocalist Marc Hudson's colossal wail can be heard loud and clear, with 'Cry Thunder' the only song to truly break through. It could be a washout in more ways than one, but in true Download form, the surprise entrance of Japanese sensation BABYMETAL suddenly turns this set into one of the most 'I was there' moments in years. With the band slamming through 'Gimme Chocolate' as their guests carry out their trademark dance moves, it's hard to know exactly what is going on for a few moments, but by the time everyone comes through the answer is clear: a genuinely classic festival moment."

Yeah, this happened.

1945: Five Finger Death Punch's main stage slot in a word? BIG. Ryan Bird has more.
By now FFDP are dab hands at this big stage malarkey - in the U.S. in particular their habitat has long been grand and spacious - but it's on the main stage of a festival such as this that they truly come into their own. Sure, there's nothing clever about the likes of 'Never Enough' or 'Burn Motherfucker Burn' - the latter of which sees vocalist Ivan Moody pull three young fans from the pit to watch the ensuing chaos from the drum riser - but they're most certainly big, with each and every fist within half a mile raised firmly towards the sky. It's far and away the best set the main stage has seen all day."

1940: Look! Babymetal. On stage. With Dragonforce. This wasn't part of the plan!


1900: Truth.

1840: Defeater at Download Festival. Someone who's totally not us could describe them as 'hopping mad'. Not us, though. Check out the full gallery.

1750: Us rn.

1725: Fearless Vampire Killers - pretty pumped about everything right now.


Look! It's @fvkillers!

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1710: WHAT GLORIOUS WEATHER WE'RE HAVING. Right, Sylosis? Oh. Okay then.


Sylosis - not fans of #DL2015 sunshine.

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1700: Lacuna Coil on the main stage looked like this. Epic, huh?

What did it sound like, though? Ryan Bird has an idea...
"When it comes to bands who thrive when positioned in front of tens of thousands of tipsy metal fans, Lacuna Coil find themselves in the top division. That said, today they have to work for their place. It doesn't take long for their bouncing, unashamedly nu-inspired rhythms to get a quite massive crowd bouncing. Frontwoman Cristina Scabbia's ability to command a stage never ceases to amaze, and in 'Heaven's A Lie' they possess the sort of instantly recognisable cut that crowds such as this lap up with aplomb."

1640: Today could either go very right or very wrong for Young Guns based on this evidence...


Today could go very right or very wrong for @younggunsuk. #DL2015

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1610: YEAH, MAN!

1600: Speaking of the Gnar, here's what David McLaughlin reckoned to their set.
"Eager beavers, this Gnarwolves lot. Arriving onstage waaaay earlier than billed, their scrappy punk rock racket is built on speed and heart and delivered with a characteristically gutsy punch. It doesn't quite land any knockouts, but the gang chants and neck vein-popping of 'Smoking Kills' does bloody the noses of the impressively packed Maverick Stage."

Check out out gallery of Gnarwolves punking up the place at Download.

1535: Here is a joke involving Gnarwolves.

1520: Fearless Vampire Killers hit the second stage earlier. Some loved it, some didn't. Here's what Gav Lloyd made of it all.
"Fearless Vampire Killers are met by a crowd that is, for the most part, sitting down. Sound problems don't help matters, but when the highlight of the set is a cover of Bonnie Tyler's 'I Need A Hero', FVK are dangerously close to slipping into novelty band territory. They certainly gives rousing the crowd a go, but the majority of bums stay planted firmly on the grass."

Check out our gallery of FVK at Download here.

1445: Pretty much.

1420: What about Counterparts, eh? Check out what them hitting Download looked like in our gallery.

1400: All That Remains looked pretty damn menacing when they opened the main stage earlier. It looked like this.

1345: We found a Beartooth!


What's the over there, is it a @beartoothband? We think it's a Beartooth.

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1315: *raises horns*

Heading to Download this weekend? Check out stage times here and the weather right here *shudders*

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