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Download 2010: The Dillinger Escape Plan Rock Donington DIY-Style

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 13 June 2010 at 21.01

AC/DC built their own stage, rumours of Aerosmith’s demands have been doing the rounds all weekend and there’s enough hairspray onsite to kill a horse, but TDEP are doing things their own way.

The unfathomably brilliant The Dillinger Escape Plan certainly don’t fit musically on the bill with much of Download 2010’s bands – while Cinderella and Ratt play the same song for 25 years and a slew of new imitators queue up to ape their leather / denim ‘look’ TDEP rewrite their own history with every album – and it seems their fiercely independent streak is being exercised at Donington this year.

They rocked up onsite without any of the trappings most bands enjoy, with no one to shepherd them around the press area or tune their guitars – but that’s how TDEP have always wanted to function on a large scale.

Guitarist Ben Weinman told Rock Sound: ”We’re here in very different circumstances to a lot of different bands – I’m tour managing, Jeff, is teching himself – and we just do it the way we want to do it.

“After 13 years of being in this band there are certain things I’m sick of doing, and there is a point where you say to yourself that in order to be the best band you can be you need help. That’s been one of the biggest challenges for Dillinger, knowing when it makes sense to have people help and when it makes sense to keep people out who don’t need to be there. We’re always learning better ways to be efficient.”

Nevertheless Weinman said he was looking forward to bringing Dillinger’s epic madness onto the Ronnie James Dio stage this afternoon. And for a band like his, picking a festival set isn’t easy:

”When we started playing we were doing one-minute, one-and-a-half-minute songs, and we’d have trouble filling a set. Now we have songs that are seven or eight minutes long and we only have 30 minutes – a lot of stuff we can’t really play because then we’d only do three or four songs.”

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