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Download 2010: Rolo Tomassi Play Biggest Show Ever

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 June 2010 at 22.48

The Sheffield progressive hardcore maniacs shock Donington and manage to convert a few new fans in the process

Sticking out in a festival of traditional metal like a sore thumb (and by ‘a sore thumb’ we mean ‘insane hardcore acrobats’) Rolo Tomassi today smashed the Ronnie James Dio stage at Download 2010. Keyboardist / vocalist James Spence told Rock Sound just after coming offstage how good it is that a festival can cater to all sides of the extreme musical spectrum.

Spence said: ”There’s no festival we really fit in at, so we go from show to show and do our own thing and enjoy it. If we manage to keep people’s attention that’s sweet – there’s no big event we can go to and think, ‘Ah yeah, that’s a Rolo Tomassi crowd right there!’

“They always get the classic bands down, and there are people who’ll come and camp out at the Main Stage all day, but there’s also a different crowd that’s happy to check everything out and wander around. We’re a band who really benefits from that, and while Donington is steeped in history it’s cool that a band like ours can come and get a really decent crowd.”

And a decent crowd they had – for one of the most extreme (and certainly weirdest, but in a very good way) bands not just on the bill but standing on the edge of the mainstream, Tomassi played to a lot of punters. Back to Spence:.

”We had a huge, huge pit at the front, but there were also a lot of people standing there who maybe hadn’t seen us before who were quite unsure how to act. This is our first festival show of the year and the biggest show we’ve ever done, and we were thoroughly pleased with the way it went.”

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