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Do You Have A Friend Who Loves Papa Roach, Young Guns Or A Day To Remember?

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 5 June 2013 at 14.13

Are they going to Download Festival this year? Yes? Read on...

This year at Download Festival Rock Sound is working on a cunning plan and we need your help to pull it off

We want to surprise fans of Young Guns, Papa Roach and A Day To Remember at the festival but we need friends of the fans to help make it happen.

Sound cryptic? DAMN RIGHT it is. Trust us, all will be revealed in time. For now hit us up at [email protected] if you have a friend who a] will be onsite at Download Festival this year b] loves/adores/worships one of those three bands and c] likes a surprise.

Send us an email (include your mobile number and some details about you), tell us about your mate and don't tell em you did. Sneaky fun ahoy!

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