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Dillinger Guitarist Comments On Sharone’s Departure

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 1 January 2009 at 17.54

Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman speaks to Rock Sound about the departure of Gil Sharone and the band's new drummer.

Dillinger Escape Plan have been in the news recently as drummer Gil Sharone departs and rumours abound that the band have hired Billy Rymer from The Rivalry as his replacement. Rock Sound got in touch with guitarist Ben Weinman to ask what was going on.

''I don't want to say to much about the new guy,'' Weinman admitted when probed on the band's new drummer. ''He is kind of this secret weapon and we are excited about the fact that he doesn't care about running around promoting himself. He is pretty unknown and got the gig over like thirty ridiculously sick drummers. Some of which are pretty well known. He has very young nipples though I must say, makes me jealous.''

However, the guitarist was clear to set the record straight with regards to the band's departing drummer Sharone. ''I would like to clear up the reality of that situation,'' he continues. ''It seems everyone is trying to play up that we can't keep members in this band. Gil didn't quit Dillinger and there is no animosity. We are still friends and were talking about a project we are going to work on when we both have more time yesterday.

''The fact of the situation is that he both didn't like a lot of touring and felt guilty he had gone over a year without really giving his band that he started with his twin brother much attention. He wanted to move forward in writing and doing selected shows with Dillinger but asked if we would be interested in getting a touring fill in for when he couldn't do it. We decided to go another rout and he was understanding of that. That is the reality of the situation.''

Expect a new album from Dillinger Escape Plan sometime in 2009.

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