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Dillinger Escape Plan Talk Up Live Plans

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 7 April 2010 at 16.13

Machines, algorithms and more as Dillinger Escape Plan talk up their ambitious live plans.

Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman recently told Wired about the band's exciting plans for their live show. Machine run light system based on algorithms, sensors and cues anyone?

"We've been working on a new light show that I'm hoping is going to work," Weinman admitted. "Basically a machine is going to be running our lights. It's influenced by us and by what we do on stage, and it's going to evolve over the tour and change every single night. There are things like sensors on lights that we're literally going to hit and interact with that cue a machine to pick different light themes based on a number of algorithms. It may pick just the bass drum audio to trigger a light, or maybe the sound from my guitar. Or it may just choose to blow all the lights out based on Greg [Puciato, vocalist] punching one of them.

"And those lights will be hanging from the ceiling. They're going to get hit whether we choose to or not. We have a guy working with us who's an engineer. He built this program and sensors that can work with interactions from the heat of your body, to touch, to motion, and we've built these sensors into lamps that we've surrounded with a material -- like a type of rubber -- that seem to be taking the impact pretty well. This just furthers our effort to do something special and unpredictable."

Incredible. For more on the band and their new album 'Option Paralysis' check out the latest issue of Rock Sound, in stores now!

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