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Dillinger Escape Plan Launch Party Smasher Inc

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 19 June 2009 at 16.47

Details of their new record deal are made public as the band launch Party Smasher Inc.

Dillinger Escape Plan have made some details of their new deal with Season Of Mist public in a recent blog post:

''We have announced that we are creating an umbrella known as Party Smasher Inc. that we will be putting out all of our future endeavors under. Our records, our shirts, our whatever the fucks....all of it is from now on coming out under that moniker.

You'll see that on there no matter where or what it is, and that's how you'll know if something you are getting is really an official DEP release and not a copy, like on the limited shirts and limited other things that we are gonna be doing. That will be on there, and if you don't see it, on EBAY or something, it's not legit.''

Simple! The band hit the studio to record new album 'Option Paralysis once they return from Europe next month.

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