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Dillinger Escape Plan Guitarist Talks New Album And Papa Roach

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 24 April 2009 at 15.16

Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman tells Rock Sound about horrifying new album.

As the story about a cheeky crapper at a recent Papa Roach concert takes on a curious life of its own we reached out to a band that know a lot about turds, the Dillinger Escape Plan, for comment on the incident. Guitarist Ben Weinman got in touch with Rock Sound to deliver the following quote:

''Oh here you go again,'' he responded laughing. ''Trying to make Dillinger the guys who talk about shit and how bands are shit and how we like to take shits and whatever else. Papa Roach is Papa Roach and they have always been nice to us, even back when they had that huge rap metal hit single. Our current singer wasn't in the band then and has been known to express some disapproval for their musical offerings. As for the kid taking the shit in the crowd, wasn't it just Easter?''

While we had Weinman's attention we had to ask him about the new material DEP have been writing recently. The answer we got was astonishing:

''The new songs sound dark and evil,'' he stated. ''Very early 90's thrash influenced. Lately I have been realizing the purpose of why I started Dillinger all those years ago. It was to make people truly uncomfortable and to make them not feel accepting of what is happening in their surroundings. When I was growing up I discovered metal and it interested me, I liked that it was dark and talked about the fact that the world is not all puppy dogs and ice cream cones. But then it just got ridiculous, humourous, I look at black metal bands and they are suppose to be so evil. But it's not real. It's about fiction. About goblins and the gates of hell, pretty much a bad horror movie.

The music we are writing is influenced by the feelings I get when I hear and see the real evils of this world. Horrible things that make me really question if there is a God or not. This shit is not comfortable, the world is not comfortable, babies are getting raped in your town for God sakes. Young girls are being sold as sex slaves, but most people sitting at their computers downloading music don't want to know. They want to sit on a message board or play fantasy football while their mommy makes them a sandwich.''

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