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Delaire The Liar Have Released A New Dark Anthem ‘NO THANKS’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 October 2021 at 11.38

Another home run from a band on an incredible streak.

Delaire The Liar
have continued their impressive streak of singles with another absolute stormer.

They've just dropped 'NO THANKS', a dark and beautifully contorted anthem, full of gorgeous vocals and despondent chords. It's a shift in pace from their previous output but no less deeply affecting and emotionally crippling.

The band had this to say about it:

"There’s a conflict of interest when it comes to offering help to the people you love. It can be distracting: it can bring assurance that you are still of value to the relationships you care so much about; that you can still contribute positively irrespective of your own wellbeing.  It can be dangerous: it can be frightening to know that the people you love will put everything they have on the line for you despite themselves; for you to get better and still they expect no thanks."

Let's go:

It follows on from 'HALLOWEEN':

Which follows on from 'FURNACE':

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