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Deftones’ Chino Moreno On The Creation Of ‘White Pony’: “There Was Really No Blueprint”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 June 2020 at 12.50

The album has just celebrated its 20th birthday.

Over the weekend, Deftones' classic third album 'White Pony' celebrated its 20th birthday.

Daring, decadent and deliriously expansive, it's been a benchmark of songwriting quality for alternative music ever since its release.

But what was it like approaching the creation of such an album? Frontman Chino Moreno provided Rock Sound with a little insight into the mindset they were in at the time...

"When we went into make [''97's] 'Around The Fur' we had come off ['95's] 'Adrenaline', and some of those songs we had written when we were pretty young. Like 15/16 years old.

"So when we went into make that second record, we already started to feel like we wanted to make something a little bit more expansive. I felt like we did it but just not as extreme as what we did when we went in for 'White Pony'. We had songs on there like ‘Mascara’ and ‘Be Quiet And Drive’, which were not metal songs and that was the world we were in at that point. We felt liberated through doing that.

"So with ‘White Pony’ we took that same mentality but wanted to go even further and expand it more. There was really no blueprint. We just wanted to get weird, you could say, and just see how far we could take it by just following our instincts with actually no blueprint. I think that’s what made it kind of fun and it made it feel like we weren’t boxed in by having to be something other than just us trying to expand on what we had done previously.

"It’s a much more fun way of making music and a fun place to make music from when you don’t feel obligated to do anything other than go with your gut."

And when asked what elements of 'White Pony' the band have carried with them over the years, drummer Abe Cunningham added...

"If anything it was just believing in ourselves. That whole record was very experimental and us taking a chance and I think we still adhere to that. It’s always about pushing forwards and I don’t think we’ve stopped doing that since 'White Pony'."

Lovely stuff.

Here's 'Change (In The House Of Flies)' for you to lose yourself in:

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