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Death Blooms Have Announced The Details Of A New EP

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 17 February 2021 at 10.44

'Fuck Everything' indeed.

Death Blooms have revealed that their new EP 'Fuck Everything' is set for release on March 17 via Adventure Cat Records. 

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

1. Life Is Pain 
2. Gore 
3. Anger
4. Fuelled By Hate 
5. Fuck Everything 

The announcement comes along with the release of the title track, which between the discomforting atmosphere, brutal nu-metal riffs and the despondent mood is the sort of chaotic anthem we all need at this time. 

Vocalist Paul Barrow had this to say about the track:

“It’s about being completely lost and disillusioned and being fucking angry about it. We’re constantly force-fed lies and hatred by everything around us. Our elected politicians do not give a fuck about us, we’re overworked to survive, our friends and family lie to us and we lie to ourselves. This song is about fighting back and learning to trust yourself and how you feel.

“This EP seems like the right amount of spit and bile to sum up everyone’s current frustrations in musical form at this present moment."

It sounds like this:

You can also hear 'Anger' right now:

As you can 'Life Is Pain':

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