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Deaf Havana Have Released A Beautifully Striking New Track ‘Kids’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 11 March 2022 at 10.17

Near perfection.

After revealing their new chapter and launching their new album back in January, Deaf Havana have shared another piece of 'The Present Is A Foreign Land'.

And it is utterly sublime. 

It's called 'Kids' and is a nostalgic and poetic look at the times that we can't get back. Projected through a lens of the lives that we are living now, and the mistakes we may have made, and looking back on how simple things used to be, it's a beautiful and, at times, heartbreaking, masterstroke from a band that continues to be so utterly wonderful.

James Veck-Gilodi had this to say about it:

 “Kids, like many songs of ours, is a retrospective romance with our younger years. It views growing up in boring coastal towns through rose-tinted glasses and asks a lot of questions as to what the people we grew up with are doing now. It's mainly a nostalgic song about small English towns, about what could've been and what is.”

Here it is, it is amazing:

'The Present Is A Foreign Land' is set to be released on 15 July. You can read all about how it came to be right HERE

Here's the first track they released, 'Going Clear', which is also incredible:

And here is some more chat with the lads, in video form:


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