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Deaf Havana Are Now A Two-Piece And Have Been Working On New Music

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 25 November 2021 at 17.14

A new chapter begins.

Deaf Havana
have announced that they are now a two-piece, comprised of vocalist James and guitarist Matty Veck-Gilodi. 

In a statement, the band have revealed the news alongside the departure of bassist Lee Wilson and drummer Tom Ogden. 

And new music is on the way, and they are VERY excited to share it.

You can read it in full below:

"Early last year we were all ready to head our separate ways and call it quits. We’d had an incredible journey, but, like all the best journeys, it felt like it was time for it to end. Then the pandemic hit and we had no choice but to stop.

Then, more through circumstance than design, the two of us found ourselves writing songs together again. As we got deeper into the music and had time to re-evaluate what was important to us, it became clear that these songs had a real, cathartic impact on our relationship as brothers. We thought about starting something new as a duo. But the just felt like deaf havana songs. We didn’t want the journey to, it was time for it to go in a different direction.

There is definitely some sadness at the fact we’re not all together anymore. It’s been a long, incredible and sometimes difficult journey, but we did it together and something that was the only thing that would get us through.

We would like to thank our brothers and day one bandmates, Tom and Lee for slogging it out with us up until this point, we wish them and their families all the best and every success for the future.

We are so proud of the music that we have been working. The process felt natural and massively different to anything we have done before.

We are feeling better than ever. This is the next chapter of deaf havana and we can't wait to share this with you all.

James & Matty"


The music will be the first since their brilliant album 'Rituals', which was released in 2018. 

Here's 'Holy':

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