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DAYTIME TV Have Shared A Thunderous New Track

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 24 June 2021 at 12.35

This is 'Ugly'.

DAYTIME TV have released a new single. 

The track is called 'Ugly' is a big bold slab of thunderous British rock, with stalking bass and additive hooks aplenty, with a vital message at its core.

Vocalist Will Irvine explains:

“It’s about finding an escape from the social onslaught that is constantly telling you you’re not good enough. People are comparing themselves to airbrushed models and losing self worth around every corner. It’s the worst for young girls and women as that’s such a huge focus online and everything seems to be unfairly scrutinised. How can we be satisfied in a world where 13 year old girls around the globe are becoming clinically depressed because they don’t feel worthy when comparing themselves to this fake image of perfection that we see every day? We’re supposed to inspire each other and lift each other up, not drag each other down. It’s really dark.

"We want to empower every person that’s ever felt ‘not good enough’. We want this song to be part of a catalyst for promoting more self love. Sometimes all it takes is someone close to you to steal you away from that world for just a minute. “You can save me tonight” is exactly that moment. Take a risk. Do something impulsive that makes you feel alive. Grab your mates and tell them you love them. We all need to hear it.”

The video is also a brilliantly shot look at the endless cycle of bleary-eyed monotony that is all too familiar.

Check it out below:

It serves as a follow-up to 'Zombie' that sounds a lot like this:

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