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Danny Worsnop: “Right Now, We’re Happy. If We Were To Write Angry Music It Wouldn’t Be Real”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 28 August 2019 at 12.56

Asking Alexandria are back, but not the way you know them.

Last month Asking Alexandria burst back onto the scene with the first taste of new music from them in over 18 months, in the form of 'The Violence'. Inside the current issue of Rock Sound we caught up with Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop to talk through their period of reinvention, the new era of Asking Alexandria, and their new single. 

If you think their new music is a bit of a departure from what you're used to, that's on purpose. Now much happier and settled, Asking Alexandria have stopped writing angry music about themselves, and are instead taking aim at society.

Speaking of 'The Violence', Ben Bruce shared “We’re not a political band at all, but we are people... We just started taking note of what was actually going on and that’s where the song stems from. It’s not about picking a side and saying who’s right or who’s wrong, it’s a case of us taking a step back and going, ‘Look how all of this shit is affecting everyone’.”

“We’ve done the ‘boohoo’ stuff,” frontman Danny Worsnop added. “Right now, we’re happy. If we were to write angry music [about ourselves] it wouldn’t be real, so we wanted to start looking outward and talking about things that actually affect people in the world.”

This is just a tiny taste - pick up The Faim's issue of Rock Sound to read the full interview with Asking Alexandria - it's available below:


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