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Danny Worsnop On If There’ll Be An Asking Alexandria Album This Year: “I Would Say No”

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 23 February 2017 at 17.15

Danny speaks.

Danny Worsnop doesn't think there'll be a new Asking Alexandria album this year, but revealed he has been writing for it.

Speaking to That's Not Metal about the likelihood of a new AA album appearing this year, he said, "Everyone's going to give you a different answer here. I would say no. Considering I haven't even set foot in the studio yet and I haven't really got into writing yet, I will say 'No' to 2017."

"It's not done. It's in the foreplay stages," he explained a little earlier.

"I've written a couple of songs. This is the first time since the first record that I am fully immersed in the writing. It was usually... Ben will write the music and send it to me, I'll do some arrangement stuff and then write the vocals.

"This time, there's one of the songs where I wrote everything. There's some unreleased stuff that I did a few years ago... I put a sample out online without asking anyone a while back.

"This is going to be the album that proves everyone that said, 'No, he just doesn't want to do heavy music any more - he can't do that any more - this is the one that's going to kick them right in the penis. Or vagina, I'm not sexist."

Talking about his departure from the band back in January 2015, Danny said: "I wasn't mentally able to do it any more. It was a poisonous environment, it was fist fights every single day. Nobody liked each other."

"I think it took something like me leaving to shake everyone and be like, 'We've got problems'. They obviously sorted through all of their stuff,"
he added.

And on playing songs from 'The Black' - which was recorded with his now-departed replacement Denis Stoff - Danny said, "They don't want to do them."

"They want to just put that record behind them."

Danny did confirm a new We Are Harlot album is due out in 2017, plus his solo album 'The Long Road Home' is out now via Earache Records.

Asking Alexandria tour the UK with Parkway Drive in April.


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