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Danny Worsnop On Asking Alexandria: “[We Were Having] Booze Poured Into Our Mouths”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 3 September 2019 at 12.47

This new era is all about Asking Alexandria, exclusively on their own terms.

Last month Asking Alexandria burst back onto the scene with the first taste of new music from them in over 18 months, in the form of 'The Violence'. Inside the current issue of Rock Sound we caught up with Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop to talk through their period of reinvention, the new era of Asking Alexandria, and their new single. 

Speaking of how far they've come in getting sober and becoming all together more stable, Danny and Ben shared that there were members of their own team who didn't like them cleaning up their act.

“When we tried to slow down we had people coming in and telling us how to act, and they wanted us to keep acting fucking poorly,” Danny shared. “They would say, ‘Your career is fucking done if you don’t do this’. We were having shit shovelled into our faces and booze poured into our mouths.”

He continued “When I tried to go sober it lasted all of two weeks because someone - who shall not be named - literally fucking flew out to tour to get me fucked up because he didn’t like the sober image for us. That’s what our career was like.”

“When it all imploded we were being pushed in that particular direction,” Ben added. “This time around, we get to choose exactly what we do and where we do it, and we’re having the time of our life doing it.”

The new era of Asking Alexandria is on their terms. And it's going to be great.

This is just a tiny taste - pick up The Faim's issue of Rock Sound to read the full interview with Asking Alexandria - it's available below:


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