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Danny Worsnop Is Hitting Back At Internet Bullies: “You Come Online To Push Your Misery On Others”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 16 April 2019 at 17.20

"Maybe my shining light on your issue will change your attitude or outlook. Maybe it won’t." - Danny Worsnop.

Last week Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop announced the details of his second solo album 'Shades Of Blue', and with the announcement he also dropped the debut single off it too. 

If you only know Danny from his work in Asking Alexandria, the tone and genre of his solo material will surprise you - it's quite the departure from his metalcore roots. And given that deparutre, Danny has bore the brunt of internet vitriol - but he's using this as a teaching moment. 

Earlier today an internet bully took to the comment section on a Facebook post about Danny's new solo work, which he shared in a series of tweets posting "Sad people want so badly to feel important that they have to go out of their way to push negativity onto others. This is a prime example I just received".

In response to the above comment, Danny replied "I am doing very well, which I work very hard for. I just think it’s important to highlight bad people within this society and believe people spreading hate, negativity, and misinformation should be corrected and called out. The think I’ve learned over my many years of exposure to people like you is that, while you’ll deny it here, you are sad people who are dissatisfied with your life."

He continued "You feel unimportant in the world and to those around you so you come online to push your misery on others. If you simply did not enjoy what I did, you just wouldn’t be here. But you are, because you see me, the things around me, the happiness I have, the achievements I’ve made, and that makes you feel more insignificant, unsatisfied and unimportant. So you say what you say to me and to others because you want to make me (or us) feel what you feel. But we don’t. Because when I walk away from my computer, I will walk into my beautiful house of which I am very proud, be greeted by a beautiful woman with whom I am very much in love, and do whatever I want in that moment because I have worked to create the ability to so do. Now, I’m going to do exactly that because I have some animals who would really enjoy a road trip to the beach today. Maybe my shining light on your issue will change your attitude or outlook. Maybe it won’t. But it will definitely help others understand why people like you are the way you are."

He then wrapped up his response by sharing "Not everyone is as thick skinned as I am. Some people take people like you’s bullying to hear and god forbid hurt themselves because of it. Hopefully they see this and it helps them see that your words don’t mean anything. That you’re just a person who doesn’t like their life and take it out on other people. Bye bye now."

This all comes only one week after The Word Alive frontman Telle Smith shared his frustration with the state of toxic internet culture as well.  

So for the second time in only a week - a reminder that the artists you admire (or don't) are real people. With real feelings. 

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