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Dallon Weekes On iDKHOW Signing With Fearless: “They Offered 100% Creative Control On Everything”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 8 December 2018 at 13.23

If you wanted to know why iDKHOW ended up signing with Fearless Records, we have the answer.

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Speaking to Rock Sound for their cover feature, frontman Dallon Weekes shared the reasoning behind signing with Fearless Records, even though they were fielding offers from so many major labels.

When asked how important signing to an independent record label was to their ethos, Dallon shared “It was absolutely central to our decision-making, because fans had picked up on what we were doing and we were getting this momentum building, we started getting this attention focused from them, that also brought with it a lot of industry attention. We had a lot of offers coming our way, but ultimately we went with Fearless because they offered 100% creative control on everything we’d do."

He continued "That was the most central, most important part of the choice we were going to make, because we’d both seen different scenarios where you might start with an idea, and then a parade of suits come in and say, ‘Oh, well maybe you should change this,’ they get to have a say because they’re a radio rep, a money guy or whoever. So your idea changes, and it ends up being this other thing that you don’t really like as much. It might work, it might go on to sell a whole bunch of copies, which is great and everything – the people who work that way obviously know what they’re doing. You can be successful in doing things that way. But for me, it’s always been more important to make something that’s good than to make something that could be popular.”

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