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Crown The Empire’s Andy Leo On Post Malone’s Nirvana Livestream: “There’s No Rules At This Point”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 14 July 2020 at 11.25

Andy reflects on what inspired him so much about Posty's homage to Nirvana.

If quarantine has taught us anything, it's that there are so many different ways to be able to connect with each other. That goes for musicians as well. 

For Crown The Empire's Andy Leo, watching Post Malone cover Nirvana for an hour from his home back in April served as the inspiration that he needed. 

In our recent Video Call with him, he reflected on what that livestream meant to him:

"It’s so hard to get however many million people who watched it to sit down and watch some deep cuts.

Seeing that firsthand, someone be so passionate about it. He’s not the best guitar player in the world, he’s not the best singer, he’s not the best performer. It’s just genuine excitement for what he is doing. It doesn’t go any deeper than that.

There’s no rules at this point. Anyone can be anything over night. I think it’s in the approach that people will naturally gravitate towards it. That was sick and he also killed it.

People focus on the wrong things and people chase the wrong things but seeing that firsthand and going ‘Damn, he is me’."

You can catch up with the whole Video Call right here:

And here's the livestream he was speaking about:

Crown recently released a new acoustic album called '07102010', putting new spins on tracks from across their whole discography.

He also recently chatted to Andy about the release, which you can read right HERE. Here's a snippet where he remembers what the band's first ever show was like:

What do you remember about that first show which gives this release its title and how do you feel looking back on it now from where you are as a band now?
"It feels like a lifetime ago but the initial feeling is still that of falling in love with performing. Our first show was around the end of my freshman year. I got my driver’s licence early because I got held back, I was a crazy kid, but that’s when I got my car. I was only able to drive to the school and back. Then I remember hearing about these kids at my school who were looking for a singer for their band. They were a little older but were into the same music as me and were trying to do it. I was begging my mum to please let me audition and she said ‘As long as there’s no screaming’. I was like 'Yeah sure no problem'.

"From there the guys said that their friend who does sound at the local church had hooked this new band up with a show. Memphis May Fire was playing, this was before they signed to Rise Records, and we were massive fans of them. With them living in our area as well they were the band we wanted to be like as well. It was a proper show as well, like 200/300 people there. That’s unheard of for people’s first time on stage really. So we wrote five songs and they were so bad but we knew what they were supposed to feel like.

"The show and the energy there was so good. People were excited to be there and we were so excited to perform. It felt like we were a real band even though we had just gone out there without any idea of what we were doing."

It’s pretty amazing when you realise that you’re jumping in at a point where this sound is about to absolutely blow up. A lot bands play their first show in front of the venue’s staff and no-one else. For you to get that real taste so early must have given you such a boost?
"Oh yeah, it was a delusional level of confidence. We all walked off stage like ‘Are we going to end everything we had planned to do this now?’ [Hayden] Tree wanted to be a hockey player. [Brent] Taddie was going into pre-med. But we all thought that if sheer luck and effort got us here now, then think what we could do if we all committed to this thing. It wasn’t going to work unless we all jumped in. We saw bands all the time say they are going to go to college instead and fizzle out. It seemed like anything was possible at that point though. It was magical."

You can also pick up the band's latest LP 'Sudden Sky' on vinyl from our good mates at Impericon from right HERE


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