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Craig Owens’ badXchannels Has Recruited Trent Clark

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 12 April 2018 at 11.35

RadioDriveBy's Trent Clark has jumped on board as the second member of badXchannels

The band that has up until now been a Craig Owens solo project has announced a second member. Joining the lineup of badXchannels is Trent Clark, formerly of RadioDriveBy.

"Trent’s a close friend, who’s been on a similar path in life," says Craig, on the subject of Trent joining the band. "We spend our days trying to make sense of it all, and when making music it kind of all becomes one thing. The collaboration allows for a focus of purity and expression when creating. It’s nice to be able to let go of control, it’s exciting, and makes me want to make music again." 

Trent also adds "the meeting of our minds was such an organic experience, and I think that lends itself to the music we've been making. I had played a show with Craig awhile back, and he asked if I'd ever be interested in doing some writing together. From there we just started jamming out on a pretty consistent basis, and then *boom* here we are now! It's been a great ride so far. The universe has a funny way of putting you in the right place, at the right times."

To accompany the announcment, they've also dropped the brand new single and video for 'Memory', which you can watch below:

"One of the songs we've done together that I am super proud of is 'Memory', which was a really great experience composing together," says Trent on the single- "I love working with Craig because he is very driven and passionate about making great music. When we write together, we never know what we are going to come up with, which is really exciting."

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