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Cody Carson Talks Vulnerability And Powerful ‘Midnight’ Song ‘Unopened Windows’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 25 December 2019 at 10.00

“If we’re going to do this, I want to be 100 per cent who I am the entire way through.” - Cody Carson.

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Inside Set It Off's cover feature, frontman Cody Carson talks about one of the most emotional and personal songs on their latest album 'Midnight'.

Speaking of tour, there have been so many sold out shows for you over the last year or so. Which moments from those tours have particularly highlighted the bond you have with your fans?
Says Cody: “One of my favourite parts of the set is not when we’re singing songs, but at one point I give myself a couple of minutes to reach out and speak to our audience. It’s always been about a certain topic. When we were first starting out, it was about chasing your dreams, or going through bullying and how to overcome it. On this last tour, it was about how beautiful it is to be able to let out these emotions, that they’re not judged.  I truly find it important to be able to voice that to them during our shows. It’s weird, because put me in any other situation, I’m not going to give a passionate speech! For some reason I get this feeling like I need to say something, and the moment after the speech is done there’s just this energy, it’s hard to describe. It’s this feeling of connection between us.

"I also try to talk about what the songs are about in a very honest way. On this latest tour, I explained about how, with a song about my dad (‘Unopened Windows’), the melody from the song 'Danny Boy' is in it. And it’s in there because it’s about a son going off to war, telling his father, and his father knowing that he might not be alive when he comes back from this war. Me and my dad bonded when my dad was going through cancer and I was going off to college - he also didn’t make it when I got back from the first year of college. And so I was being sincerely vulnerable telling them about that, and then a little later in the song I’d come back and play that melody on clarinet, and we’d have the rest of the music fade out into absolute silence. It became this incredible moment, and I love that I could be that open with them. I think that’s why we’re developing something like that. I’m a very big believer that, you don’t have to act like something that you’re not. If we’re going to do this, I want to be 100 per cent who I am the entire way through. And I hope that our fans realise that. I think they do.”

Do you feel like, in a way, your fans have stood in for what a big label or big promotional budgets would have done for bands in the past?
“Absolutely. They’re so committed and so about it. I’m really excited as I’m about to start streaming on Twitch as soon as I can, to be around and to be more in touch with them. It’s just fun, man. When we were in that break before, when we were writing ‘Midnight’, we didn’t want to be away from them, so started making YouTube videos so they could get to know us more. We wanted them to see our personalities a bit more. That’s why we go out to meet people after shows, why we do livestreams, we want them to get to know us as people as much as possible.”

This is just a taste! Pick up Set It Off's Rock Sound Awards magazine below to read the full interview with Cody Carson, and see their full new photoshoot:

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