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Code Orange Have Announced The Details Of A Special Livestream

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 30 June 2020 at 17.11

'Under The Skin' is coming.

Code Orange have spent this quarantine period pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the same way they always have with their music. 

First they did a livestream performance to celebrate the release of their new album 'Underneath' in an empty venue with full production. That looked like this:

They also appeared on NXT's latest PPV Takeover:

Now they are taking it a step further with 'Under The Skin' a special livestream which will feature stripped down and re-imagined versions of tracks spanning the band's whole discography. Imagine MTV Unplugged but much darker. 

It will be taking place on July 30 right HERE 

We spoke to drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan and guitarist Reba Meyers around the time that 'Underneath' was released. You can check out the full interview HERE, but here's a snippet:

When you think back to where you started and you were just making music because that’s what you wanted to do, it must be pretty incredible to reflect and know you now have the means to be able to take as much time as you need to produce your exact vision…
Jami: "The actual truth of it is this; when you’re in it you just go for it. It’s tunnel vision. You go until you can’t go anymore. You then reflect as you go, looking at the things that went well and growing because of the things that didn’t. You just have to go and do the work. For us doing the work isn’t just aimlessly going on the road. There were a lot of technical challenges that went in to figuring out how to make this work. I think the hours and the attention to detail say it all though. You listen to our record a hundred times you’re going to hear a hundred different things.  I don’t think you hear that a lot in heavy music. I love heavy music and there are a lot great heavy bands out there now. I just think the way we approach it is very different. That surgical aspect while also keeping the soul of what hard music is, which is making it feel real and raw and pissed off, is where our difference from the pack lies."

That’s perhaps the most refreshing thing. This has always been about that guttural feeling and trying to find the thing that keeps the fire burning…
Jami: "People have told me this is a bad goal to have because it leads you down the wrong path, but our goal has always been to be different. We’re not trying to recreate anything. We’re trying to create a completely different listening experience for heavy music. It’s a process that’s taking hard and heavy music and artistic music and puts them together in a different way without compromising on either. I think a lot of times when you’re going down either side you lose the other. That’s why we took as long as we did to make ‘Underneath’."

You can pick up this 'Underneath' shirt from our mates over at EMP from right HERE


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