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Chris Motionless On ‘Graveyard Shift’: “There’s Definitely Some Lessons Learned”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 30 October 2017 at 14.37

The Motionless In White vocalist joined us on the Rock Sound Podcast to reflect on the reaction to the band's latest album.


"It's always one of those things with the new release where the band are like, 'This is our best release ever!', and I do feel that way. We are a band that is constantly trying to put out an album that tops the last record, so we wouldn't put it out if we didn't feel that it did. I look at it as a success for the band.

"There's also definitely some lessons learned in what to and what not to put out there as far as the limits of what people are going to understand about what we're trying to do with the band. I guess I took for granted that people are a bit more [comfortable with] of where the band sits. On our last record we really tried to make efforts to have songs that were a lot more serious. There are also songs on the last album that are just out there and meant to be entertaining and fun and not taken seriously. 

"With this album I took that even further and bringing in that not-so-serious lyrical content into songs that were serious and I thought that was going to be okay but I'm now realising that even the fans were like, 'That's interesting'. I don't want to do that again because I don't want to ruin a song for a listener because they don't like the combination. 

"I feel as though the band took a bit of a hit because a lot of people who could have liked the songs were really thrown off by the lyrics." 

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