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Chickenhawk Announce Name Change

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 8 March 2011 at 14.56

Leeds noise makers Chickenhawk, have renamed themselves Hawk Eyes announcing the change via their website and twitter page.

Chickenhawk have changed their name. An explanation of the decision is below:

"When we named our band after Robert Mason's book, we never really thought things would go as far as they have for us," says singer Paul Astick. "We're trying to get our own website up now that we have a possible U.S. and European release of [2010 debut] 'Modern Bodies,' but it appears that we can't get the rights for any of the Chickenhawk domain names. It's frustrating, so we've dropped the chicken, moved hawk to the front and added eyes. Simple!"

Indeed it is. With their new moniker in tow the band head into the studio this month to begin work on their new album with Ross Halden and Jason Sanderson (The Plight) at Ghost Town in Leeds.

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