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Cherie Amour Have Dropped A Fiercely Catchy New Track ‘Orlando’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 July 2021 at 16.43

We think you're going to like these guys.

Cherie Amour recently signed to Equal Vision Records, and there's a good reason that they have caught the attention of such an iconic label.

You just have to listen to their new single to hear exactly way.

A rich blend of modern hip-hop, pop, rock and pop-punk, held together by an insatiable ear for melody and infectious attitude, nobody else sounds quite like them.

Their new track is called 'Orlando' and you can listen to it below, but let vocalist Trey Miller explain a bit what it's about:

"‘Orlando’ starts out by painting a visual of walking in on your significant other with someone else. I wanted to show what I think many people have felt, but wouldn’t dare to express on wax. The rapped portion of the song gets emotionally aggressive, and I think that’s what makes it interesting. A simp anthem!"

And if you fancy a little bit more, here's 'Burn' which was released a couple of months ago:


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