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Check Out The New Politically-Charged Rise Against Video

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 2 July 2018 at 11.24

"Respect existence, or expect resistance"

Rise Against have never shyed away from letting you know exactly where they stand, politically. Quite aside from their band name, the band has consistently stood up for their political beliefs and encouraged their audience to do the same. 

Their new video for 'Megaphone' is no exception. 

'Megaphone' is literally a call to arms (or rather, a call to protest), rallying people to resist and to fight back against the current state of the US.

Check out the powerful lyrics:
"Speak up now
Yeah, we're not alone
This is not a joke
Pick up the megaphone
Think out loud
What are you waiting for?
Clear your god damn throat
You are the megaphone
Don't wait (don't wait)
Or turn away (turn away)
Don't choke on words you meant to say
Speak up now you are not alone
This ain't a fucking joke
Pick up the megaphone
Yell "hey!""

Watch the brand new Rise Against video for 'Megaphone' below:

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