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Check Out nothing,nowhere.‘s Brand New Video For ‘Rejecter’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 17 July 2018 at 16.15

Our favourite emo-rapper nothing,nowhere. has unveiled the latest video from his 2018 album 'ruiner'. 

The latest single to get the video treatment is 'rejecter', and the video follows the aesthetic of his previous ones- with distortion and his signature move of ensuring his face is covered.

Speaking about 'rejecter', Spencer Smith who is Pete Wentz' right-hand man at DCD2 Records, who represents nothing,nowhere. told us "This is that 'driving on the highway at night' or 'laying in your room alone' type of song. It just takes me back, and it's something you can listen to and interpret in your own way, and apply it to anything you have gone through personally. Parts of it actually reminded me of how dark and personal The Weeknd’s first EPs were. That wasn’t a direct influence, but it adds another layer, and acts almost as an interlude for the whole album."

You can read the rest of Spencer's track-by-track of 'ruiner' here.

Check out the brand new nothing,nowhere. video for 'rejecter' below:

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