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Check Out Like Pacific’s Goofy New Video For ‘Self Defeated’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 24 July 2018 at 11.15

Because haven't we all been tempted to jump in a pool we've seen in someone's yard?

Canadian punk rockers Like Pacific have metaphorically let their hair down in their latest video.

The brand new video for the single 'Self Defeated' follows frontman Jordan Black creating chaos around town, including letting himself in to an unsuspecting person's back yard, and jumping in their pool.

Also, we have to acknowledge the dramatic hair(less) flick as he emerges from the water. Absolute gold.

Commenting on the video shoot, Jordan says “filming for this video was actually wild. We changed our minds last minute and decided to try and make it goofy. We’ve always been so serious so we decided why not. Even though the song isn’t on the goofy side, it’s a pop banger. So I figured why not have some damn fun.”

And it really is damn fun.

Check out the video for Like Pacific's 'Self Defeated' below:

Like Pacific's new album 'In Spite Of Me' is set for release this Friday, July 27 through Pure Noise Records. You can get all the info on it here.

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