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Check Out As It Is’ New EP - Featuring An 8-Bit, Instrumental Reimagining

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 23 August 2019 at 09.54

This is 'Bargaining: Reimagined'.

The third EP in As It Is' 'The Great Depression' reimagined project has dropped today - and when they said earlier this week on Twitter "whatever you’re expecting, it’s not that", they were absolutely correct.

'Bargaining: Reimagined' features re-worked versions of  'The Reaper', 'The Two Tongues (Screaming Salvation' and 'The Truth I'll Never Tell'.

The two previous EPs have seen the songs on 'The Great Depression' reimagined acoustically, as a metal track, full 80s revival (including saxophone) and more - so how could they possibly surprise us now, given how surprising the rest have already proven to be?

Well. WELL.

We're talking jazz. We're talking trap (sort of). And we're talking instrumental 8-bit, polyphonic ringtone. 

Not an exaggeration. It's brilliant.

Check out As It Is' third reimagined EP below:

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