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Check Out A Brand New Track From Mallory Knox

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 15 July 2019 at 14.37

This time, they're 'Livewires'.

Ahead of the release of their self-titled album next month, the lads in Mallory Knox have dropped another single.

'Livewire' follows the already released 'White Lies' and 'Guts', which were released last month. 

Check Out the official video for 'Livewire' below:

Mallory Knox are set to drop their self-titled album August 16 through A Wolf At Your Door, so inside the Lights issue of Rock Sound, we caught up with frontman Sam Douglas about the new era of Mallory - pick up your copy now from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV

Speaking about the future, and his vision for Mallory Knox moving forward, Sam shared  “I don’t think we can do anything more than we have right now. We’re not in such a fortunate position to be able to look too far ahead. We aren’t 22-year-old kids anymore, a couple of us have mortgages to pay and we aren’t living in a dream world."

He continued "All we know is that we want to be in this band as long as we possibly can. I’ve been in this band since I was 19. That’s a third of my life. So what comes after scares the fuck out of me. I would love to be able to say that this time next year we’ll be beginning to write our fifth record, but that’s not up to me. All I know is that we’ve written the best record that we can. We never wrote this record to blow everything we have done before apart. It was never about that. This was just the right time to write this kind of record. A record that we love listening to and we enjoy playing. I just want to release this, enjoy touring and see what happens.”

Check out the full interview with Sam Douglas inside the Lights issue of Rock Sound! It's available now, below:


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