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Chamber Have Announced The Details Of Their Debut Album

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 11 August 2020 at 16.46

This is the 'Cost Of Sacrifice'

have announced their debut album. 

Here's every little thing you need to know about it:

1) It's called 'Cost Of Sacrifice'.

2) It's being released October 23 via Pure Noise Records.

3) The artwork looks like this:

4) And the tracklisting like this:

01. Fracture
02. Scars in Complex Patterns
03. Paranoia Bleeds
04. Visions of Hostility
05. Impulse
06. In Cleansing Fire
07. Numb (Transfuse)
08. The Edge of Every Lie
09. Disassemble Reassemble
10. Cost of Sacrifice

5) Guitarist Gabe Manuel had this to say about how the album was conceived:

"We were all going through our own personal struggles and we found solace in working on these songs and getting everything we were feeling out on the table. We are all influenced by a lot of different kinds of music and art, and while it was a challenge to represent all of those things on the record in a cohesive way, we grew as songwriters and musicians as a result of that challenge.” 

6) You can also listen to 'In Cleansing Fire' right now. Click play below:

7) You can also listen to 'Scars In Complex Patterns' too:


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