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Chad Gilbert: “There Is A Very Good Chance” Of A Paramore / New Found Glory Collaboration

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 24 February 2015 at 12.40

In a new interview, the New Found Glory guitarist spews his thoughts on a wide range of topics like the current Blink-182 drama and what he makes of 5 Seconds Of Summer.

New Found Glory are currently in Australia for Soundwave Festival, and while there, they've given an interview with in which guitarist Chad Gilbert airs his thoughts on a broad range of topics. Here are some highlights.

Chad on the marketing of bands like 5 Seconds Of Summer:

"The thing about 5 Seconds of Summer is that basically, they’re a pop band and people wanna give them longevity and in order for them to have longevity, they need credibility. That happens all the time with all types of music. A rapper will come out of nowhere and they want to give him credibility so they’ll say that he’s friends with this [other guy].  [Even in] country, they struggle with artistes having credibility. I think that that always happens and I think that people can be fed what others want them to believe but people know bullshit. The people that like 5SOS are gonna like them and the people that don’t, won’t – it won’t have an effect on anything. It happened before when Good Charlotte got popular; they were essentially a pop band that looked more like a punk band and they’ll tell you that. You look at them now and they just play pop music and that’s always kind of been there. I think people try to make it a bigger deal than it is. Just like let them play whatever they want to play and if people tell you, “Yo they’re a punk band!” you can believe it or not believe it."

Chad on the current Blink-182 situation:

"I think it’s always up to the band. I feel like blink-182 is in a tough spot because a lot of people love Tom and [he’s] not in the band anymore. But to be honest if Mark and Travis get another member and they make an album that’s fucking awesome, then people will love it. I think at the end of the day music speaks for itself and I think people don’t like change but sometimes change can be for the better. I don’t know whether you’ve seen Blink live but Tom sometimes sounds like shit live! He writes great songs but who knows, maybe the new singer will sing better live and people will be like, “Damn! He actually sounds better than Tom!” It all depends on how you react – I don’t know about Asking Alexandria but same thing: If you can step to the plate and write good songs then it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be good."

...and most importantly, Chad on the likelihood of a New Found Glory and Paramore collaboration:

“There is [a] very good chance.”


You can read the interview in full at this link.

New Found Glory are expected to release their new video for 'One More Round' soon and it looks... messy.


Do you know my friend @jordaninked? #onemoreroundvideo

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